Wage & Hour Disputes

We advise and represent employers and employees in wage and hour matters, including:

  • Claims for unpaid overtime
  • Uncompensated rest or meal breaks
  • Minimum wage issues
  • Payment of wages owed at termination or resignation
  • Bounced paychecks
  • Improper deductions
  • Failure to provide accurate wage statements
  • Employees misclassified as “exempt” from wage and hour laws
  • Failure to reimburse employees for work expenses, such as mileage costs and work equipment
  • Improper practices concerning vacation pay and time off
  • Failure to pay employees who work “off the clock”
  • Other violations of state or federal wage and hour laws

Whether you are an employee or employer, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable employment attorney for wage and hour disputes. Contact our office to learn more about your rights and options.