Tenant's Rights Claims

California Law requires that your Landlord provide you with a clean, safe place to live. If you rent and the property is run down, in a state of disrepair, or unsafe your rights may have been violated.  All California residential Landlord’s are required to comply with the Warranty of Habitability which means that the rental property must be fit for healthy and safe living by tenants. The property must also substantially comply with state and local building and health codes that affect your health and safety.

If the apartment or house your renting does not meet the following standards you should contact a lawyer to protect your rights.

  • Well Water Contamination
  • Effective Waterproofing
  • Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, and Heating in Good Working Order
  • Sanitary Building and Grounds
  • Safe Fire and Emergency Exits
  • Working Locks or Security Devices on Doors and Windows
  • Working Smoke Detectors
  • Free of Pest Infestation and the Presence of Mold

Krankemann Petersen works with tenants to defend their rights to live in healthy, clean, and safe environments.